Tour de Roga 2024 - Rogaining Adventure

SM Rogaining 24h Loviisa 6-7.5.2023

 Updated 4.5 (equipment)24h SM Rogaining ja 8h MTB SM Rogaining& Loviisa Rogaining: 2h foot, 4h foot, 8h foot & 4h MTB.

Finnish championships in Rogaining will take place on the varied terrains of the Loviisan region on 6-7 May 2023. The event is an excellent warm-up for the Rogaining European Championships in the Turun region at the end of summer. First-timers and other adventurers can participate in the shorter courses, which are surely a worthy experience.

Check the GPS routes here:

RESULTS 2h, 4h, 8h and 4h

Competition center
The event center is located in the centre of the competition area at Tesjoki school (Tesjoen koulu).
Adress: Kenttätie, 07955 Tesjoki

Event center is located in the middle of the competition area. The accessibility to the event center is good. Driving time: 50 minutes from the Helsinki-region and 20 minutes from Kotka. 
Car parking is close to the competitioncenter (max. 300m walk).  Follow the signs and the parking-guides instructions. Be in time :).

Punching system (SM 24h and SM 8h MTB)
EMIT is used in the 24h SM and 8h MTB SM series. The teams will receive an own Emit device from the organizer. All members must be closer than 5 meters from the control point while punching it.

Sealing (SM 24h and SM 8h MTB)
The team receives an envelope from the information desk. The team must seal one phone into the envelope. The phone must be switched off (/flight mode). Any wrist computers (GPS watches) must also be sealed in the shell, if the team wants to record the route with their own watch.

Punching system (2h, 4h, 8h and 4h MTB)
The web-based GPS-punch application is used in the series. The controlpoints have a code strip with a four-digit code in addition to the control number. The four-digit code is entered into the application, and the stamp is accepted, which means that each team needs a smartphone with them. A backup phone is also recommended. Good instructions can be found on the Urban Roganining website. Try a translator and the text should be understandable:). 

There are four different competition maps, so the map does not have all the checkmarks thats in the terrain. You only get points of finding the controls that are marked on your competitionmap. Each control on the map has its own code (31-136). The point value of the control is determined by the first number(s) of the code. Codes 60-69 give 6 points, codes 100-109 give 10 points and for example code 130-136 give 13 points, etc.

Each starting minute that the competitions are late leads to one point deduction. Being more than 30 minutes late leads to disqualification in  24h & 8h classes.

Control point
The control points are marked with a 30x30 white-orange orienteering flag, Emit device and a code strip. 

Competition info
The competition materials are given at the competition info. The information desk is located inside the school. You must wear socks or indoor shoes when walking inside the school. It´'s  not possible to charge devices at the school. Do it in advance.

Course planning
The school has facilities for planning. You can also do the planning at your own car.
SM classes 24h & 8h mtb: During the course planning, the whole team must come to the INFO point a) to show the sealed phone envelope, b) to get the GPS device. The GPS device should be attached to the outside of the race backpack,  or placed as close as possible to the upper part of the backpack. The GPS device must be facing correctly to ensure a sufficient signal. Take care of your duties as early as possible.

Control descriptions
You can get the control descriptions at the information desk.

Shower and toilet
There's couple of showers in the school's gym changing rooms & several toilets inside the school. 

HASH HOUSE and drinking station

The competition's hash house is open trough the whole event. Hash House's versatile snacks are offered by S-Market Loviisa. One water refill point will be placed in the terrain. The point is marked on the map with a drinking mug symbol.

The rules of the International Federation (IRF) are followed in the competition. Announcements and extra information will be published in the final competition instructions.

Personal mandatory equipment in the 8h and 24h sets:
- whistle
- a waterproof jacket
- a waterproof bag for the phone
- First aid stuff 
- (drinks and energy drinks)

Personal equipment in the MTB series in addition to the previous ones:
- helmet

We recommend that everyone download the 112 application to their phone. If the team suffers a serious injury, the team FIRST calls for help from the 112 service and then calls the "Race director" number on the map. 

In the 24h & 8h series the map size is B2 (500×700 mm), and in other series uses size SRA3 (320mm x 450mm). Each team gets one map per person. 24h and 8h series participants also get one extra map for planning. Plastics included.

Prohibited areas
Prohibited areas as private yards, agricultural areas, highways and dangerous areas are market on the map with foowing colors:  Cultivated lands are on the map with bright yellow and private yard lands are marked in olive green color. Forbidden areas are with purple color. The roads marked on the map passing through private areas are permitted routes.

Competition area & terrain

The SM Rogaining competition area is more than 200km2 and is located on the east of Loviisa city. The competition area is very diverse and great for interesting courses and checkpoints. The area includes the steep rocky areas of Läntinen Kymijoenhaara in the east, the big marschy areas with large forests in the north, the Loviisa 2023 Asuntomessut area in the west and the Gulf of Finland in the south. Särkjärvi, a spring water lake with clear water is located in the middle of the terrain. The area contains many culturally significant sites, as well as numerous spectacular natural sites. The area is very heavy in some places because of the rocky and steep parts.

24 hours show for real Rogaining enthusiasts (also official SM 2023)
8 hours (trough the night)
4 hours (daytime)
2 hours (daytime)

8 hours MTB SM 2023  (trough the night)
4 hours MTB

Agegroups for the SM 2023 Rogaining series 
In accordance with the international rules of the sport, the 24-hour series has the following series:

MO Men open
WO Women open
 XO Mixed open
MY Men under 23 years
WY Women under 23 years
XY Mixed under 23 years
MV Men 40+
WV Women 40+
XV Mixed 40+
MSV Men 55+
WSV Women 55+
XSW Mixed 55+
MUV Men 65+
WUV Women 65+
XUW Mixed 65+

Registration for the event opens on January 5, 2023.
Registration link:
The list of registered are published Here.

Entry fees
Per person
Registered before 8.2:
24h SM Rogaining 100,-
8h SM MTB 100,-
8h foot 60,-
4h MTB 45,-
4h foot 45,-
2h foot 30,-

Registered before 31.3:
24h SM Rogaining 110,-
8h SM MTB 110,-
8h foot 70,-
4h MTB 50,-
4h foot 50,-
2h foot 35,-

Registered before 30.4:
24h SM Rogaining 125,-
8h SM MTB 125,-
8h foot 80,-
4h MTB 55,-
4h foot 55,-
2h foot 40,-

Late registartions:
8h foot 100,-
4h MTB 60,-
4h foot 60,-
2h foot 45,-

Late registerations can be by email or also at the event center. Register at latest "in good time before own start". Entries to the SM classes should be made before 30.4, so the amount of competition materials are guaranteed. 

Cancellation policy
In case of a cancellation, the organizers refund the team as follows: Cancellation done by 31.3.2023, 80 % is refunded. Cancellation done between 1.4-16.4.2023, 50 % is refunded. Cancellation done after 17.4.2023, no refund will be made. 

SM Championship Medals

Medals are awarded to the top three in the official Rogainingliitto 24h Championship series.
Medals are also awarded in the 8h SM MTB series.

The teams
Teams participating in the championship series consist of 2-5 people who move together throughout the competition in accordance with the rules of the Finnish Rogaining Association. All team members must punch within 60 seconds at checkpoints.
The teams participating in the shorter series consist of 1-6 people. The team must stay together throughout the competition, no more than about 30 meters apart.

The organizers do not have insurance for competitor's possible accidents or equipment damage. All participants act at the competitor's own responsibility.

Map and scale of the map
The scale of the competition map is 1:25000 and the contour interval is 5 meters.  The event uses a Rogaining map which is made as readable and fair for the competitors as possible. Map is an updated version of the map based on high quality digital cartography data from National Land Survey of Finland.
Each team member will receive a map and plasticbag for the map. The map size for longer series is specified in the competition instructions. Shorter sets use map size SRA3 (320mm x 450mm).

Schedule of the event:

Saturday 6 May 2023 
07:00 The competition center opens
09.00 the distribution of maps for the 24-hour series begins
12.00 start of the 24-hour series (SM 2023)
13.00 Distribution of maps for MTB and foot series 2h and 4h
14.00 MTB and foot series 2h and 4h series start
16.00 MTB and foot race 2h finishes
18:00 MTB and foot race 4h finishes
20:00 Distribution of maps for the 8h MTB and foot series 
22.00 MTB and foot  8h series start

Sunday 7 May 2023
06.00 8h MTB and foot race finishes
12.00 finish of the 24-hour series (SM 2023)
14.00 Prize giving ceremonies
17.00 The competition center closes

Water points
One water point is marked on the map.

Catering & maintenance
The purpose is to offer the participants a versatile nutrition and maintenance service at the competition center from the start of the event to the closing of the competition center.

Photography and videography
The pictures are used for the marketing of future events and the sport. The pictures and video will also be available for everyone to see, so that those who wish can view and use them, for example, on social media. By participating in the event, you give your consent to the publication of photos and video.

Accommodation and other local services
 Check out Loviisa's services on the Visit Loviisa website 

Media and publishing

The competitors name and teams will be published on startlists and resultlists

Photographers are taking picture and videomaterial at the competitioncentre and in the forest. As a participant you agree that picture taken of you can be used in the organizers publishings and marketingmaterials. 

Participants are allowed to use organizers pictures and media in their own publishings on for example Social media.

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Organizers of the event
Extreme Endurance Athletics & Kingsway cycling team
Competition director: Esa Huttunen 0407739449

Tour de Roga 2024 - Rogaining Xadventure